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Florida Appliance Repair offers oven repair & stove repair services of all brand names. We are the fastest range repair service in Florida . Just Call and we will send a repairman today. Same Day Service and Emergency Service 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Oven Controls not Lighting up at all?

Check your breaker box before anything. It is always best to make sure you have a full 230 volt supply to your range, oven, or stove before deciding to call an appliance technician. If your breaker is tripped on half of the double pole circuit it will not work properly and sometimes it will light up but not function correctly


Oven seem to be getting too hot?

Spend the $4 at your local hardware store or even Grocery store to purchase a oven thermometer and use that to check the actual temperature in your oven. This will give you an actual temperature to go by and help you to determine if your oven is calibrated correctly. If it is off more than 10-15 degrees then you will need to call the repairman. Some stoves allow for calibration adjustments by the digital controls if you read your manual follow the directions to correct these calculations. If you need to fix oven in Florida we have a tech ready now.

Coil top burner not working?

These burners are famous for getting poor connections due to being pulled out and pushed in multiple times during cleaning of the stove top. You can make sure that the burner is pushed in firmly into the plug that recieves it and try it again. Sometimes this will correct the problem just by making a small adjustment to the alignment of the burner.


Sparks from inside the oven?


The bake and broil elements are designed to create a lot of heat and they do wear over time. Electricity is slowed down through the element using resistance metals and when you slow down electricity it rises in temperature rapidly. That is why you use Ohms to test the element it is a measurement that will test the amount of resistance there is in an element. Every element is different so check with your brand and style of element to see what the ohms is supposed to be. If you do not read any ohms then your element is bad and should be replaced. Call us now for Florida stove repair.

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